Resources & Referrals

"Cancer Killers" by Dr Ben Lerner & Dr Charles Majors.  All areas I have encountered through research fall into the areas discussed in this easy-to-read book:  mindset, nutrition, exercise, chiropractic care, toxins, etc...

"Radical Remission" - an inspiring showcase of stories of advanced stage cancer survivors and insight to healing beyond the conventional methods.   This is excellent in exploring the non-physical contributors to disease.

How to Outsmart Your Cancer - an encyclopedia of natural medical therapies for a wide variety of cancers at all levels, from nutrition to homeopathic remedies, meditation, IV therapies and much, much more!!

Online & Social Media Sources to follow:
Dr Joseph Mercola - general health & wellness
The Truth About Cancer - everything you need to know:  why you get cancer & how the responds to various treatments, therapies and much more!
Ben Lerner - general health & wellness with focus on nutrition
Dr. Josh Axe
Food Matters
Maximized Living
Sarah Stanley Inspired Living

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Living from Cancer
Nashville, TN